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Discussion started by matthew.carvalho@gmail.com 6 years ago

Hoping to start a little bit of a thread here and get folks posting and interacting here on the new site. I started with Anonymous because 1) the meme and dynamic are utterly fascinating to me personally, and because I think Anonymous is a direct social/sociological result of cascading technology (what it allows us to do and how it constrains us from doing other things), which in a sense, is a result of the environment we have evolved into.What do you think, is technology itself an enabler (a bridge) or is it/can it be more sinister, a degrader? Or is it both? I have a feeling most of you will say, well yes, of course it's both.

No doubt, technology carries its own culture. The interwebz culture is very different from the television culture. This goes to show how technology drives culture in ways we don't always understand until long afterwards. This is my personal draw to TZM - a willingness to reject those aspects of our culture which no longer serve us (the planet, humans, our macro- and -micro environments, etc) AND embracing science and technology as a means of serving "us" better. If technology were at a different level than it currently is, the

Anonymous meme would not be what it is. It is EXACTLY because a person can "question the law" through transgression of the law and do so "anonymously", that the meme has any effect. So...change the technology, change the meme, leverage the meme (zeitgeist, train of thought) into people's thoughts and minds, without them ever knowing they were leveraged! What would be the impact of almost universal access to water desalinization/sterilization (or the recently discovered, massive African, sub-continental underground aquifer; 3-D printing using ubiquitous fuel sources -like compost, or ubiquitous networking/computing which is device-independent? Talk to me! What do you think???? I wanna hear your thoughts!,

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