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TZM Support Group Project

Discussion started by coreyb0904 5 years ago

TZM Support Group project by Corey Birdsall

This support group project is influenced by TZMTogether: A Support Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/TZMTogether/  - which I founded in March of 2012, and my personal life experiences. The new project that I started brainstorming in October 2012 would essentialy be a local “face-to-face” extension of TZMT, hence a local “chapter” of TZMT.

TZMTogether’s mission is to bring individuals together to discuss personal issues caused by the current economic system such as stress, anxiety, depression or any hardship that we are not comfortable talking about with strangers - in a private or semi-private setting.

Those of us that are well-versed with the values and trains of thought of a Resource-based Economy, such as myself, have a very difficult time “fitting in” with mainstream society and its values, since TVP and TZM advocate trains of thought and values that are well beyond the average individual. This makes for an emotionally distressing situation if one lives in an environment that doesn’t advocate or practice those values and trains of thought.

Essentially, the goal of this project is an attempt to start a group, build friendships and/or relationships and establish trust to enable discussion of sensitive personal issues that need to be shared. If we keep negative thoughts and feelings to ourselves, our emotional/mental health declines as I have been personally experiencing.

As I have very few resources in regards to the project’s structure, I am posting this document to see if anyone would be interested in helping make this project a reality. Here are some challenges and obstacles:


    • Spaces to have meetings.
    • Establishing trust, since we as a society don’t trust strangers.
    • Commitment of members, since most of us have such little time and have busy lives.

Structure of the project and operation:


    • Socializing with each other and/or getting to know each other in some way, such as going places, hanging out, volunteering, etc. in addition to meetings.
    • Establishing communication just in case someone needs to say something important, especially if it involves emotional hardship or saying something that we're not comfortable saying in our home environments.

The aim of the group would not only be just about discussing our hardships, but positive things as well, since it's healthy to have a positive connection with others and have fun.

If this project spreads and gains momentum, a way of organization would be through "chapters" as mentioned above - whether they be local, regoinal, or national, etc. However, since this is a face-to-face project, it's more sensible to be local since we don't want to travel far to have meetings or to hang out. Or to make things easier, they can be extensions of existing TZM chapters.

Any more ideas regarding this project are welcome. Thanks for reading.

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