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Planning an Orientation Meeting

Discussion started by camille 4 years ago

The most recent Orientation Guide is so incredibily informative and acurately done that I've decided to help get this information out to anyone who's interested. Here's a link to the text - TheZeitgeistMovement.com/Orientation


The audio version starts with "(3) The Scientific Worldview", about seven minutes into this video;



"(4) Sourcing Solutions" begins about nineteen minutes into this video;



Reading the text may be thick to get through. Listening to the audio is easier and even entertaining. It seems like Orientation Meetings are the most effective and enjoyable way to digest this info, though. So, I'd like to help set one up as soon as possible. Does anyone have preferences on dates, times or location?

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Second Sunday or third Thursday is great for me.. those are my normal days off. Any suggestions for a location?
4 years ago
I wouldn't mind doing it on the first Saturday, second Sunday or third Thursday of any month. I'll be out of town for the last two weeks of August but, other than that, I'd love to help out with this project. Out of the days that I mentioned, does anyone have any preferences or suggestions for times or locations??
4 years ago

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