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TZM Sj Chapter FEEDBACK! 6-1-14

Discussion started by OpenMeyendid 3 years ago

Greetings all,
I hope this message reaches you in good health. My name is Peter Chaydez, I introduced myself to most of the ZMCA members at this year’s ZDAY held in San Francisco.

I’m contacting you in regards to re-starting a proactive San Jose Chapter; one rooted in the educational, values, and social activism TZM pushes forth.

I hope most of the individuals receiving this message are already well informed about the zeitgeist movement and the direction. I also assume that most members in the group have already in some form or fashion awoke and adapted to a fresh frame of consciousness and so the information I reveal of myself and intentions of the movement, I hope, may not come off as too radical.

Having said that let’s get right into it,

The platform I wanted to use is from my college for student’s who want to start a club. I chose this method for various reasons, one overarching reason is the amount of resources the school provides for student clubs. From inviting guest speakers, event venue’s, to budget requests. I think with these elements covered by the school we can focus more on the details and planning of our meetings and events. However, with this territory comes bureaucratic issues that may steer TZM actual intentions and limit the overall message we try to push forth(mainly the revolution of dissolving are current system and adopting new values.) This may appear too extreme and inhibit a Zeitgeist club from ever coming into fruition. Mainly, I would like for this “Zeitgeist Psychology club” to steer the public into arriving at their own conclusions based on the information, discussions, and presentations we provide.(Via art, science, workshops etc.)

I wanted to receive feedback from people who have experience in chapter organization and representation in hopes that the approach I may choose is not one that may misrepresent TZM in any way. Feel free to add your input or any advice to anything mentioned in this hefty reading...

Overall, the club I hope to get support for at my campus embodies the ideas and values of TZM, in fact it is TZM, though on paper it may read entirely different(for the sake of college guidelines). From the content of our meetings to the planning of events “Z Club” will beg the question of why we behave the way we do and how we can transform our outdated understandings and behaviors to more sustainable ones? (hint hint TZM)

Gradually the meetings and events I hope to promote will engage the public in our most basic assumptions of nature, nurture, and economic stability, all under the legal guidelines the college provides. Our more revolutionary meetings can be done outside the general school hours and confines of school boundaries and we can gain support financially, if necessary, from the school for this.

I am currently attending community college(Evergreen Valley College) and look toward advancing these core values to the hearts and minds of the public, in this case, colleagues, staff, and students who attend my college. In addition, I  hope the outcome allows me to organize larger events near the heart of downtown San Jose. I hope that the approach will ignite dialogue and collect interest that solidifies a bay area presence with TZM values.
My commitment level will be a weekly basis, a proactive role of the networking, marketing, promotion, event planning, online meetups and cultural art events organized toward this train of thought.

I do have past experience with this system when I had lead a Hip Hop club at De Anza College’s campus, resources are provided that can allow us to be at ease and creatively plan for the future.

●     I would like to start by exchanging contact information mainly these three questions:

I. What is the best way to connect with you and the most ideal days/times to meetup?

II. What means works best for updates on SJ chapter--- via email, mobile,TZM chapter sites(I still have technical difficulties with communicating with members of the overall site) or facebook, etc.?

III. How would you like to help via your skills/time toward San Jose Chapter goals?

I understand we all have our own personal lives and daily struggles going on, no worries if you seem to be occupied at the moment. I too have limitations with transportation and academics.

Just know that I’m always here to help in what ever capacity I can,

My first step will be in finding professors who will advise the club, from then we are looking at fall for the first start up.


TZM San Jose :)

My Answers(Peter Chaydez):

I.  email: chaydez408@gmail.com
    text: 408.551.9753
Meetups: Friday’s(10-2pm), Weekends (2-6pm)

II. Facebook, text, or email for updates on events and news

III. Event-Organizing, planning, workshops, public speaking, supplies, logistics.

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